If you are new to the type of art supplies you need and want personal assistance, or just need a few things, these are my personal recommendations. If you have signed up for one of my classes and need all new supplies, the easiest and least expensive way to get everything you need is to purchase the whole supply list on Blick Art Materials — I’ve made it really easy for you. All you have to do is click on the supply list for your class and look for the ‘Buy Supplies on Blick Art Materials’ button on the right hand side. Visit the class supply lists now.


Places to Order Art Supplies Online

Nowadays, prices for art supplies are BETTER when you order them online – especially if you are ordering a lot of supplies. I’ve found that Blick Art Materials and Rex Art seem to have the best online prices. It usually takes about 10 business days to get your order.


Blick Art Materials

For the BEST Art Supplies, at the best discounts, check out our affiliate, Blick Art Materials. They carry the Loew Cornell #7020 Watercolor Brushes that I love and recommend (excellent quality and price). These are low-cost brushes that wear extremely well and will last you for years.

Rex Art

Rex Art has super great prices and just about everything you could want.

Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies

Cheap Joes has great prices. They usually carry their own brand of supplies and are continually adding more, so it is difficult for me to say that their brand is as good as name brands I know and trust. They also carry the Loew Cornell 7020 brushes, but their prices are a little higher. Request their free catalog.



Local Orange County Art Suppliers

Art Supply Warehouse
6672 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, CA 92683
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-8
Sat-Sun 10-6

Art Supply Warehouse has the BEST local prices around although ordering from Blick Art Materials will save you time, gas and the pricing is pretty equal between these two businesses. They carry just about everything. Their people are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. This is a great place to save money – especially if you are purchasing a lot of supplies. (Recommended brushes are hard to find here though.)


Michaels Arts & Crafts
To find a store near you, go to:

Michael’s is convenient but their “Artist’s Loft’ brand of supplies is extremely poor quality and not worth the money – especially their  canvases which always seem warped and loose. I also haven’t seen a good quality painting brush in their store for several years now. You’re safer purchasing only known brands of supplies. Their prices are average to high and staff knowledge is just okay.

Utrecht / Blick Art Materials
601 North Placentia Ave
Fullerton 92831-3207
(714) 528-8790
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-7
Sat 9-6 | Sun 11-6

Utrecht Fullerton in Fullerton is now owned by Blick Art Materials. They don’t carry all of the art supplies that you can purchase online because they are a small store, but you should be able to find many items there. Recommended brushes will probably have to be ordered online though.


Aaron Brothers
To find a store near you, go to:

Aaron Brothers is owned by Michael’s, is convenient, but has less fine art supplies. Their prices are on the high side and staff knowledge is fair. Their store brand canvases are re-labled Artist’s Loft brand so be cautious of their canvases. Returns can sometimes be a hassle.