Mastering Composition by Ian Roberts 2

Mastering Composition by Ian Roberts


I found this book to be one of the best in depth guides for understanding how master artists compose their work. The explanations and guidance in this book are an invaluable resource!

Powerful resource for understanding and applying use of value, shape masses, color temperature, cropping, leading the eye – you name it. Whether you create representational art, abstract art or anything in between – this book is a MUST HAVE for your library, especially if you struggle with composition. Get it, read it, DO THE EXERCISES and you can’t help but improve.

Even skilled artists can easily forget their compositional structure by losing themselves in detail, color, etc. This is a book that will help bring you back on track.

For beginners, this book is easy to understand, easy to use, easy to absorb, and masterfully articulate – plus it’s FUN! For the experienced Artist, this book is an excellent review and re-review tool.

The bonus DVD shows how subtle changes can make a huge difference and really helps to drive home the importance of how value and color can make or break a composition. I highly recommend this book.


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