Drawing with Your Artist's Brain by Carl Purcell 2



Drawing with Your Artist’s Brain by Carl Purcell


This book is my all time favorite for really learning how to SEE the way an artist sees. It’s a fun read and full of wonderful exercises.

“Learn to draw what you see – not what you think you see.” This quote from Carl says it all. As beginners we often miss seeing what’s right before our eyes. Instead we see in terms of ‘short cuts’ or symbols which cause distortion, misunderstanding of true values and the over use of details as a way to ‘fix’ what’s wrong with a drawing.

Purcell shows you how you already possess drawing abilities. He helps you to “train your brain” to see the way an artist sees (to see the things that the novice misses). This is one of the best drawing books on the market today! Kudos Carl!


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