I am frequently asked questions by my students such as, “where can I get my paintings digitally imaged? And then where do I go to have gicées and prints made?” These are companies that Froshay Fine Art works closely with and we feel very confident recommending them to you.




Irvine Speedpro is a reliable and easy to work with high resolution printer. If you want to have your work printed and reproduced, this is the best place to go. From prints to gicées to posters to murals, they do it all. This is not your average low resolution printer — they can print up to 1440 dpi. The Speedpro team is very knowledgable and helpful and are always available to answer your questions.

Their commitment to supreme customer service and best-in-class quality for large format printing is unparalleled. Speedpro provides larger-than-life, stunning, full color graphics that convey visual messages in emotionally powerful ways.



Forty Two is a one-stop-shop and an incredibly valuable resource for artists. Here you will find high quality custom photography, graphic design, and writing for your work. If you want to make any kind of reproductions of your art, you will need to have your work digitally imaged. Most companies that offer digital imaging charge hundreds of dollars per piece and only sometimes include color correction. Forty two offers high resolution digital imaging at the BEST prices I’ve found anywhere and will color correct the digital file until you are satisfied that it matches the original piece. I use 42 exclusively for all of my digital imaging now.

You can also have professional photos taken for your website, have custom graphics designed to represent your art (including logos, business cards, brochures, and more) and have a bio written about you.